Document Type: Original Article


1 School of Public Health, International Campus, Tehran University of Medical Sciences

2 Department of Public Health, School of Health Sciences, State University of Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

3 Assistant Professor, School of Health Sciences, State University of Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Background and aims: Increasing prevalence of disability in Bangladesh indicates the need of special attention to disability care services within the healthcare setting. Our study aims to identify the level of satisfaction of clients using disability services as well as their opinions to improve those facilities. Methods: We have conducted a cross-sectional study in six disability service centers from Kurigram district of Bangladesh. We have chosen our study participants conveniently during each visit to the service centers. Using a structured questionnaire, the interview process was done. We excluded mentally impaired participants from the study. We have used descriptive analysis of data using appropriate statistical technique. Results: We have interviewed a total of 384 individuals. Respondents mean ± standard deviation (SD) age was 38.35±16.01 years with a range of 12 to 65 years. Most of our participants were physically disabled (63%). Participants were found to be moderately satisfied with the service providers, but marked dissatisfaction were observed among the participants regarding available services and 61.7% participants were dissatisfied with the overall services. The service was not easily accessible reported by the respondents. Lack of physician was the most common complaint. Despite of indicating positive aspects, they recommended employing at least 1 physician for medical treatments and improving positive attitude towards disabled persons. Conclusion: Poor level of satisfaction towards overall disability services were observed in this surveyed community. Policy makers should initiate appropriate measures to ensure easy access and better quality of services based on the results and guidelines discussed in this study.


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