The Relationship between Caesarean and Neonatal Hypothyroidism in Chadegan City

Document Type: Letter to the editor


PhD Candidate in Epidemiology, Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology, Faculty of Health, Kerman University of Medical Sciences, Kerman, Iran


Dear Editor,
I have read with great interest the article titled "The Relationship between Caesarean and Neonatal Hypothyroidism in Chadegan City" by Naderi et al[1]. Best regards and thanks to the authors, it is an interesting topic however these few points that I would entitled to highlight.
First in the method section, that author mentioned the record 86 cases. This is not likely to have such high number in only one year, the highest prevalence in this area is two case in 1000 birth. [2, 3]
Also , it is mentioned that individual and group matching has been used, in this situation conditional logistic regression or logistic regression should be used to adjusted confounders[4]
Finally, there is inconsistency between value in the text & in the table2 for value of control group (176 vs 126). According to the results of this table, the odds ratio is equal to 0.56(CI 95%: 0.30-1.02), but in the results of another value was reported.

Main Subjects

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