Author = Yekefallah, Leili
Number of Articles: 3
1. Comparing the Relationship of Emotional Intelligence and General Health in Nurses of Intensive Care Units With General Units in Qazvin

Volume 6, Issue 1, Winter 2019, Pages 36-41

Leili Yekefallah; Leila Dehghankar; Mahya Shafaei; Fereshteh Yekefallah

2. Dimensions of Futility at the End of Life: Nurses’ Experiences in Intensive Care Units

Volume 5, Issue 1, Winter 2018, Pages 14-18

Leili Yekefallah; Tahereh Ashktorab; Hooman Manoochehri; Hamid Alavi Majd

3. Orlando’s nursing process application on anxiety levels of patients undergoing endoscopy examination

Volume 4, Issue 1, Winter 2017, Pages 53-60

Leili Yekefallah; Tahereh Ashktorab; Azam Ghorbani; Marzieh Pazokian; Jalil Azimian; Rasool Samimi